January 2015

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  • Guttering Repair in Belfast

    Guttering….we don’t even notice it when everything is flowing fine and working perfectly. Here’s some questions to prove my point…. What colour is your guttering? What material is it made of? (uPVC, cast iron, asbestos,aluminium) What shape is it? (half round, square) Unless you have got new guttering installed recently, you probably only knew at […]

  • Tips for selling your house in Belfast

    With the arrival of 2015, many ‘For Sale’ signs will start to appear across Belfast as owners try to sell their homes. Of course, making your home look its best will definitely increase the chances of selling. You want the estate agent to be impressed when they come out to value the property and when the photos are […]

  • Conservatory Cleaning in Belfast

    A conservatory can be a great asset to a home, providing an extra, bright living space. The problem with conservatories in our damp climate is that after a while, that bright, shiny white conservatory you once knew has turned a dull, green, weathered eye sore with spiders framing the windows with their complex webs. Clumps of […]