Tips for selling your house in Belfast

With the arrival of 2015, many ‘For Sale’ signs will start to appear across Belfast as owners try to sell their homes. Of course, making your home look its best will definitely increase the chances of selling. You want the estate agent to be impressed when they come out to value the property and when the photos are taken, you want your home to be shown in its best light.

So, how can I do this I hear you ask! Well here are some points to help you on your way:

  • A Declutter will help make the rooms look larger and more appealing. Try to do this before the estate agent arrives and photos are taken.
  • Clean: potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in your property so having a clean, tidy home, with no dishes, laundry, pets etc sitting about will help.
  • A garden tidy up will transform the exterior look and feel of your home and give you a higher price. People want to imagine using the garden, for play and entertaining. Contact us if you would like a quote for a ‘garden tidy up’
  •  The entrance hall is the first place people will see… make sure it gives the right impression. Neutral colour works best, remove any bulky furniture and maybe have a nice scented candle burning too:)
  • Bright lighting to make your home seem sunny, cheerful and up to date.
  • Now is not the time to start renovating your home with a new bathroom and kitchen. Instead inexpensive, modern accessories can give your home a quick update.
  • Now is the time to get those odds jobs that you have been putting off done! Scuffed doors and walls need a touch of paint, missing light bulbs, broken blinds, missing lampshades. All these little things make a big difference.
  • Show your rooms as they are meant to be used: If your home is 4 bedroom there is no point in having 2 bedrooms and 2 ‘junk rooms’ full of cardboard boxes. Sort the rooms out and present them as usable spaces.
  • Clean windows are a  simply way to brighten your home. People like to look out of the windows to see what view is on offer from each room. If they can’t see through them, this isn’t going to help. Get them cleaned and it is another small detail which can make a big difference. Call us for a free quote.
  • Outdoor Cleaning and Repair By getting your guttering cleaned out and those drips repaired will be one more thing off the surveyors report. We offer this service, and while we are there, we can wash the uPVC fascia, gutters, window frames, conservatory and doors.
  • Filthy driveway and patio will turn people off! We can powerwash them. A overgrown garden makes people think a lot of maintenance will be required. We can tidy it up.
  • A well maintained property (inside & out) gives the right first impression.

In summary by doing these relatively inexpensive improvements, you will add value to your home and improve your chances off selling. Give us a call and we can provide a free, no obligation quotation for any of the above and good luck in selling your home!

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